Coal Boiler Biomass Boiler Slag Remover

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Slag Remover used for Coal fired Boiler and Biomass Boiler

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Slag Remover used in Coal Boiler

The Slag Remover is a kind of boiler slag tapping equipment. The carbon slag produced after the coal is burned in the boiler is pushed to the slag storage pit by the grate, and is dragged out of the furnace by the slag machine to clear the slag accumulation.
The high-temperature slag discharged from the furnace is first crushed into small pieces by a pair-roller slag breaker, which is convenient for cooling and transportation; the crushed slag enters the water-cooled spiral slag discharger and the spiral blades and outer cylinder are fully exchanged. The heat is discharged after cooling. If necessary, an air lock (star ash unloading valve) can also be configured at the outlet of the slag cooler. The ash inlet temperature is less than 900℃, the slag size is less than 100MM, the conveying distance is 4-7M, horizontal installation.
1. It is convenient for comprehensive utilization of slag.
2. Reasonable structure design, reliable operation, safe operation and good sealing performance.
3. Good load adaptability and convenient for remote control.

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