Production&Quality Control

Double Rings Boiler Major Produce Process

Step Produce Process
Cutting Imported Automatic CNC Cutting Machine is used to cut the size as needed.
Heat suppression Adopts chamber heating stamping process, automatic temperature control and recording device, Once Formed for Sealing
End machining  Large Vertical Lathe Process End Face
Container closing Adopting the advanced hot spinning technology pioneered, the processing means and the box closing forming technology are in a leading position .
Pipe elbow The hydraulic coreless bending process greatly reduces the amount of tube thinning.
Rolling Large hydraulic CNC automatic Rolling Machine roll plate to reduce the misalignment and edge angle of the cylinder joint to improve work efficiency and quality.
Welding Submerged-arc automatically welded, and the appearance of the weld is straight and beautiful.
Nondestructive Inspection All pressure components such as the drum after welding and assembly must be non-destructively inspect by X-ray to ensure the quality of the weld.
Drilling The assembly is drilled on the driller
Welding Together The appearance of the weld must be beautiful.
Hydraulic Inspect The finished product must be inspected by hydraulic inspect to meet the design pressure requirements.
Building Boiler The front arch adopts water-cooled arch, which greatly increases the front arch fastness. At the same time, the front arch height is raised, so that the flue gas is fully moved in the front arch to increase the radiation of the grate section; the rear arch is brick, and the coverage is adjustable. The burning fuel is more adaptable.
Paint packaging The appearance of qualified components is painted; the outer packaging parts of the boiler are molded by hydraulic press, and the rigidity is good; the paint is made of baking varnish, and the appearance is bright, smooth and elegant.

Quality Control

1 Strength Calculation Report for Applied Materials after Inspection Machine inspected.
2 100%NDT(non-destructive inspection) report of steel plate,tube and welding rod;
3 100% X-ray inspection report (welding seam):to ensure the quality of the entire boiler;
4 Hydraulic test report:ensure the standard working pressure and safety;
5 Third-party inspection report:by Special Equipment Safety Supervision Inspection Institute of Jiang Su Province
6 Manufacturer Produce Level  Grade-A.  Product Reach European Standard CE Marks.

Inspection Machinery for the Boiler in Workshop and Laboratory

No. Name Model Qty
1 Digital Carbon & Sulfur Analysis Meter HV-4B 1set
2 High Speed Self-Ignition Furnace HB-2H 1set
3 Electric Scale JA1003 1set
4 Photometer 723 1set
5 Metallography Scale XJB-2A 1set
6 Hydraulic Multi-propose Test Machinery WE-100 1set
7 WE-600A 1set
8 Concussion Testing Machine JB-30 1set
9 Projective Meter JS 1set
10 X Ray Crack Detector XXH3005 1set
11 XXH2505 XXXXH23005 2sets
12 XY2515 2sets
13 Ultrasonic Crack Detector CTS-22 2sets
Boiler Material Inspect
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