• Autoclave Feature

    Autoclave Feature

    Autoclave Features 1. The drawing of the autoclave is subject to the national standard 150 of the capacity regulations and designed by the Fourth Design Institute of the Ministry of Machinery. 2.Use Angang’s 16MnR container special plate, planing and beveling around, adopting medium welding...
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  • Autoclave Structure

    Autoclave Structure Standard || level regulations, and ultrasonic non-destructive testing is carried out one by one, and its indicators meet the corresponding regulations of JB/T4730.3-2005. Door opening method: through type or end type. Through type means that the Autoclave cover is installed at...
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  • Autoclave-What is Autoclave

    Autoclave-What is Autoclave

    What is Autoclave ? Autoclave, also known as steam-curing autoclave, is a large pressure vessel with huge volume and heavier weight. The autoclave has a wide range of uses, and is widely used in aerated concrete blocks, concrete pipe piles, lime-sand bricks, coal ash bricks, microporous calcium s...
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  • Steam Boiler Precaution

    Precautions How to use boilers correctly to ensure safe operation When the boiler leaves the factory, it should be accompanied by “design documents required by safety technical specifications, product quality certificates, safety and maintenance instructions, and supervision and inspection...
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  • Steam Boiler Work Process

    work process The working process of a steam boiler should have the following procedures. Each process requires care and patience. The raw water enters the separator and the evaporator tube through the feed pump (the two are connected), and the liquid level is determined by the liquid The position...
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  • Steam Boiler Protection System

    Protection System Water level protection The steam boiler is equipped with two water pumps, running and standby. The boiler is equipped with one or two plate-type water level gauges, which should be compared with each other frequently. If the indications are found to be inconsistent, they must be...
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  • What is Gas Oil steam boiler ?

    Gas Oil steam boiler Oil (gas) steam boiler is a steam boiler fueled by diesel or natural gas. It is divided into vertical fuel (gas) steam boiler and horizontal fuel (gas) steam boiler. The vertical fuel (gas) steam boiler adopts a lower burner mode, a two-pass structure, sufficient fuel combust...
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  • What is Electric Steam boiler ?

    Electric steam boiler Feature 1Intelligence Adopting advanced special computer controller for steam boiler, beautiful appearance, rich display: Chinese LCD display, equipped with super bright backlight, clearly showing the steam pressure, heater working condition, water supply pump working condit...
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