• Ship the Large boiler by Ro-Ro Ship

                          The  Large Boierl shipped by Ro-Ro Ship . Our Large boiler was shipped to Vietnam and too large to ship by container, so we ship to Vietnam by Ro-Ro Ship. Below are the photos.    
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  • Boiler Installation in European

    The  Boiler was installed in Al bania .  It was a 3T Steam boiler .  Installation Time is onely 7 Days.  Fuel Feeling Way is Lift feeding .   
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  • Boiler Electric Contorl Cabinet

    Sub-item item description Remarks Control System Brand/Origin Zhongjia/Nanjing Display screen touch screen Make-up pump control Continuous water supply Burner control Pressure control Operating parameter display have Equipment status display ha...
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  • Boiler Valve

     Spring Safety Valve,.Stop Valve,Check Valve,Pressure Gauge, Buffer Tube, Faucet,Mercurial Thermometer G1/2  
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  • Two Sets Biomass Boiler packed into the truck

    Two Sets DZG 1-1.0-S Biomass Steam Boiler were packed into the Truck and transport to the Qing Dao Seaport and then pack into the container shipped to Cameroon. The Detailed packing photos were below :   ————————————&...
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  • 1T Biomass Boiler shipped to Cameroon

    1T Biomass Boiler shipped to Cameroon

    Boiler – DZG 1-1.0-S Biomass Steam Boile packed into one container. Boiler Body Photos Boiler Spare Parts  packed into the container , included Stainless Water Pump, Water Treatment, Steam Distribution Sylinder, I.D Fan, F.D Fan, Dust Cleaner and chimney.
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  • Biomass Boiler Produce Process

    Biomass Boiler Produce Process  
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  • DZG DZL Boiler Layout

    DZG DZL Boiler Layout 1. Coal Hosting Conveyor . 2. Fuel Hop. 3. Boiler Body . 4. Economizer . 5. Slag Remover. 6. Water Pump. 7. Water Tank Water Treatment, Salt Tank. 8. Dust Collect. 9. I.D. Fan. F.D Fan. 10 .Chimney Water Supply System. Steam Supply System. More details please check the Equip...
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