Coal Boiler Biomass Boiler Water Flim Dust Cleaner

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Water Flim Dust Cleaner used in the coal fired boiler or biomass boiler to collect the dust air and ash

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Used in Boiler

Working principle of water film dust collector
The principle is: the dust-containing gas is introduced tangentially from the lower part of the cylinder, rotates up, and the dust particles are separated by centrifugal force, thrown to the inner wall of the cylinder, absorbed by the water film flowing on the inner wall of the cylinder, and flow to the bottom cone with the water. The body is discharged through the dust outlet. The water film layer is formed by several nozzles arranged on the upper part of the cylinder, spraying water to the wall in a tangential direction. In this way, the inner wall of the cylinder is always covered with a thin water film that rotates and flows downwards to achieve the purpose of improving the dust removal effect.


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