Thermal Oil Boiler Features

Product Features

1 The thermal oil boiler is a direct-flow special boiler developed based on the design thinking of forced circulation.

2 Closed loop heating, communicating with the atmosphere, can prolong the service life of the boiler, liquid phase transport heat energy, heat loss is small, energy saving effect is significant, and environmental protection effect is good.

3 The heat-conducting oil boiler adopts a three-circuit coil design. This direct-flow structure determines the safety that traditional boilers do not have.

4 Due to the coil structure, the heating surface is sufficient, which makes it have high thermal efficiency.

5 Heat conduction oil boiler, the remarkable feature is countercurrent heat exchange, the temperature difference between combustion exhaust gas temperature and heat conduction oil outlet temperature is below 30 ℃.

The excellent structure of the heat-conducting oil boiler is mainly to operate at a lower pressure and obtain a working temperature below 450 ℃, which has the characteristics of low pressure and high temperature.

Post time: Sep-25-2020