Steam Boiler Protection System

Protection System

Water level protection

The steam boiler is equipped with two water pumps, running and standby.

The boiler is equipped with one or two plate-type water level gauges, which should be compared with each other frequently. If the indications are found to be inconsistent, they must be corrected immediately. The water level gauge should be flushed every shift to determine its true water level. At the same time, it is also equipped with an electrode point water level balance cylinder, which can accurately collect water level signals to send out an alarm or perform feedwater pump control.

Temperature protection

Temperature protection is an important procedure in the safe operation of the boiler, and it is particularly important for the regulation and protection of the temperature of the steam boiler; at the same time, it can achieve regulation and protection when the hot water boiler is over-temperature. The temperature protection device commonly used in boilers is a bimetallic temperature controller.

Power failure self-locking protection

In the case of sudden power interruption, the boiler operation will stop and self-lock immediately. If the current is restored to power, it will start at any time, and it must be reset to release the self-lock before re-ignition can be started.

Imported color and monochrome touch screen control system is adopted, the operation process is fully automated, with automatic water replenishment, water shortage, over-temperature, over-pressure, automatic power-off and alarm, leakage protection and other safety protection systems

Flameout protection

To prevent the occurrence of furnace explosions, oil (gas) boilers must be equipped with flameout protection devices, which function to monitor the combustion in the furnace (including ignition. When the ignition fails or the combustion is extinguished in the middle, it is generally re-ignited within 5 seconds, within 1 second Run, close the oil (gas) solenoid valve, turn on and send out an audible and visual alarm signal. At this time, the blower continues to run to purge the residual combustible gas in the furnace. After 20-30 seconds of purging, the blower is automatically cut off And various auxiliary power supplies, the boiler stops running.) Consists of a flame monitor and a control device. The function of the flame monitor is to signal the presence or interruption of the flame from the control device.

The main ones used are photomultiplier tubes, photoresistors and photocells, all of which are ultraviolet or infrared, a photoelectric conversion element whose working principle converts the intensity of light radiation into corresponding strong and weak currents. And output in a linear state, sometimes the induced current is weak, and only through amplification can it have an effect on the controller.

Pressure protection

a.Steam pressure protection

When the boiler pressure exceeds the rated value, interlock protection is required: the method is to stop the boiler and the combustion system stops working; the burner can also be changed, single-stage or double-stage combustion, and the oil volume can be adjusted to reduce the pressure to ensure the safe operation of the boiler.

The pressure protection of the fuel (gas) steam boiler is the same as the water level, with multiple protections:

① Pressure controller

Generally, two pressure controllers are used to convert pressure signals into electrical signals. Its function is to output different signals of high and low pressure to electrical switches for automatic control or interlocking protection of external circuits.

Commonly used pressure controllers and electric contact pressure gauges can alarm the steam pressure overpressure and cut off the burner when the limit is reached; the pressure controller adjusts single-fire or double-fire combustion according to the actual operating pressure; for large-scale burners, it can be adjusted according to the pressure The amount of fuel always maintains stable operation under pressure.

② Safety valve

The safety valve is the last line of defense in boiler protection. When the boiler pressure exceeds the limit, the pressure is discharged according to the set pressure of the safety valve design to ensure the normal operation of the boiler.




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