Gas Boiler Maintenance

Maintenance of gas boiler

  1. Pay attention to the following points during operation of gas boilers: (1) Gas boilers do not allow positive pressure combustion or smoke spraying from the furnace, because they are easy to burn out the coal filling hole cover; (2) No water can accumulate on the ground plane of the gas boiler bottom. Anti-moisture corrosion.
  2. The gas boiler should be inspected every 2-3 weeks.
  3. After the gas boiler is running every 3-6 months, the boiler should be shut down for a comprehensive inspection and maintenance: (1) Check the inside and outside of the gas boiler, such as the welding seam of the pressure part, whether there is corrosion inside and outside the steel plate, if found Serious defects should be repaired in time. If the defects are not serious, they will be repaired when the furnace is shut down next time. If suspicious points are found but do not affect safety production, records should be made for future reference; (2) Apply boiler primer on the water surface to prevent corrosion.
  4. Gas boiler and boiler base shall be painted at least once a year.
  5. Regular maintenance methods for gas boilers: dry and wet. Dry maintenance should be used if the boiler is stopped for more than one month, and wet maintenance can be used for less than one month.

(1) Dry maintenance method: After the boiler is shut down, drain the boiler water, thoroughly remove the internal dirt, rinse it, and dry it with a low fire in the furnace (be careful not to fire), and then put a block with a diameter of 10-30 mm Install the quicklime in separate trays and place it in the drum so that the quicklime does not contact the metal. The weight of the quicklime is calculated based on the drum volume 8 kg per cubic meter. Then close all manholes and hand-hole pipe valves, every three Check once a month. If the quicklime is broken into pieces, replace it as soon as it is needed. The quicklime and the pan should be taken out when the boiler is running again.

(2) Wet maintenance method: After the boiler is shut down, discharge the boiler water, thoroughly remove the internal dirt, rinse it, and refill the treated water until it is full, heat the boiler water to 100°C, and let the gas in the water discharge out of the furnace. Then close all valves. Moisturizing is not allowed in cold climates to prevent the boiler water from freezing and damaging the boiler.


Post time: Sep-27-2020