Autoclave Feature

Autoclave Features

1. The drawing of the autoclave is subject to the national standard 150 of the capacity regulations and designed by the Fourth Design Institute of the Ministry of Machinery.

2.Use Angang’s 16MnR container special plate, planing and beveling around, adopting medium
welding preparation process, Shanghai People’s automatic buried welding equipment, 100% X-ray film flaw detection of pressure components, to ensure the welding process.


Product performance


  1. The autoclave is a steel horizontal cylindrical device, the cover is made of a single piece of 16MnR steel plate, and the cover flange and the kettle body flange are made of 16Mn integral forging. The welds of the pressure parts have been heat treated and strictly non-destructively tested in accordance with relevant standards.
  2. The autoclave door is a movable quick-opening structure, which can be opened and closed by a hand-cranked reducer. It can also be opened and closed by electric, pneumatic or hydraulic according to user requirements. Equipped with a complete safety interlock protection device, it avoids the hidden danger of misoperation to the greatest extent, and ensures the safe operation of the autoclave and the safe production of the operators. The opening type of the kettle door has two types: side opening and top opening for users to choose. The side-opening type adopts a rotating arm-type door opening mechanism, which is flexible in rotation and low-position operation, which is simple and convenient to open; the upper-opening type adopts a lever-type door opening mechanism, the lower end of the lever is connected with the kettle door, and the upper end is equipped with a counterweight device. Occupies little space.
  3. The autoclave door is sealed with imported rubber sealing rings produced by professional manufacturers, which is simple to install, good in sealing and long in service life. The kettle body supports are equipped with three types of fixed supports, movable supports and special supports at the end for different parts. It is well adapted to the thermal expansion and contraction of the kettle body, ensuring the normal operation and service life of the autoclave.

4. The autoclave is equipped with safety valves, pressure gauges, temperature measuring components, steam inlet and exhaust valves, sealing ball valves, traps and other necessary valves and instruments, and a decontamination tank for users to choose and use.

5. In addition to the conventional steam distribution pipes and guide rails for the autoclave internals, we are more considerate of users, and specially set up a sealed steam anti-wash cover and a drain cover.

Post time: Mar-22-2021