SZS Fulverized Coal Steam Boiler Hot water boiler

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SZS Fulverized Coal Steam Boiler Hot water boiler good structure to save fuel

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1. focus on the supply of coal mill pulverized coal concentration, unified supply by mills, coal quality and stability.

2. working environment friendly; the whole system closed operation. automatic on coal, concentrated dust, no dust running.

3. boiler starting and stopping simple: the boiler system can be realized that is to open or stop. 30 seconds to cut off the ignition source into normal operation;cut off the supply of coal can be achieved by stopping the furnace.

4. the level of monitoring and control is relatively high: automatic monitoring and adjustment of operation parameters,so that system is in the best running state; meanwhile, it also reduced the labor intensity and the labor intensity and the influence of human factors on the operation of the boiler.

5. high efficiency and energy saving: the combustion of pulverized coal the boiler heat transfer effect is good, the air excess coefficient is small, the system heat efficiency is high, and the power of the power equipment is equipped with frequency converter, power saving effect is obvious.

6. Adopts advanced low carbon combustion technology, fully able to meet the environmental requirements.


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